Danny's DNA Discoveries
by Danny Miller, education@psms.org
(version 1.0.000)

This project will attempt to document, over the years, which mushrooms species actually occur in the Pacific Northwest based on DNA analysis of projects funded by PSMS and other entities. I define the PNW as Washington, Oregon, Idaho and southern British Columbia, although MycoMatch includes species found in northern BC as well.

Other free resources: click here to download MycoMatch (MatchMaker) for PC and MycoMatch Mobile (Beta) for iPhone.

If you have any information to add, or corrections to make, please contact me above!

Eventually, there will be a report for every genus. Links that have been written so far and can be clicked on begin with a • and are underlined.
You can expand and contract branches of the tree by clicking on an entry with an arrow. Some interesting features that clades have evolved are noted in bold, like spore colour. I've seen similar trees where people have shown which branches evolved to be mycorrhizal, which is neat to see.