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Danny’s DNA Discoveries – Lentaria of the PNW
by Danny Miller

Click here for my Pictorial Key to Lentaria.


Lentaria are corals placed in their own family, Lentariaceae, along with a crust, Hydnocristella (Kavinia) himantia.

Lentaria are conifer wood-inhabiting, pale corals a lot like the ground dwelling Clavulina, but as well as growing on wood, they are sometimes bitter, not as highly branched and with white tips that look less "busy". They are even more likely to be mistaken for the wood-inhabiting pale Ramaria, but those are usually taller and have warty spores, unlike the short fruitbodies and smooth spores of Lentaria.

abundant common uncommon rare - colour codes match my Pictorial Key and are my opinions and probably reflect my bias of living in W WA. Rare species may be locally common in certain places at certain times.

Click here to download the FASTA data of all my DNA sequences

Summary of Interesting Results

Here are some of the newest, most interesting results of the study:

  • TBD

Hydnocristella (Kavinia) himantia

A crust. More details later.



Lentaria pinicola ID - Lentaria pinicola var. robusta ID has had its type sequenced and 4 WA and OR sequences match it fairly well, differing mostly in a few ambiguous locations. One WA sequence is 3 bp and 3 indels different, so it could possibly be different. I do not yet know if Lentaris pinicola var. pinicola ID has different genetics or not.

Lentaria aff. pinicola - A sister species has been sequenced in CA twice and once in WA, those three sequences share the same ITS2 but differ by 3 bp from each other in ITS2. It also resembles Lentaria pinicola. It could possibly be Lentaria pinicola var. pinicola, or something unique.

Lentaria cf epichnoa EU - reported from BC, but we have no sequences from either the EU nor locally to verify this.

Lentaria pinicola var. robusta © NAMA and the Field Museum of Natural History,     Lentaria aff pinicola © Luca Hickey


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