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Danny’s DNA Discoveries – Cyclocybe of the PNW
by Danny Miller


abundant common uncommon rare - colour codes match my Pictorial Key and are my opinions and probably reflect my bias of living in W WA. Rare species may be locally common in certain places at certain times.

Click here to download the FASTA data of all my DNA sequences

As mentioned on the Agrocybe page, one species stood out as not being farinaceus, and genetic studies have shown it deserves its own genus. This genus also has a cellular cap cuticle. It is somewhat close to the Tubariaceae, but perhaps not close enough, so it remains to be seen which family it will be placed in (incertae sedis is the term that means "uncertain placement").


Cyclocybe aff erebia group ('Pholiota' subnigra WA) - Found in or near forests in the fall, with no distinctive odor or taste and a pretty hefty ring on the stem. The cap is somewhat dark brown. The copious ring is probably its most distinctive feature.

Our local sequences are about 4% different than EU sequences (where the species was described) so ours may be a sister species in need of a new name, but no ecological or morphological differences are known to me. In addition, our sequences fall into one of 2 clades so far, about 1% apart, so we could have more than 1 species. There is no way to tell any of these genetic species apart yet. Pholiota subnigra, described from WA, is thought to be this species, so if we do need a new name for ours, Cyclocybe subnigra is available for one of them.


Cyclocybe aff erebia #1 and #2 © Buck McAdoo


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