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Danny’s DNA Discoveries – Hodophilus of the PNW
by Danny Miller


They are small, tan coloured mushrooms with decurrent gills and notable for their strong mothball odor.

Most species in the Clavariaceae family are clubs or corals, as this is a basal family of the Agaricales from before gills were fully established as the dominant look for the order. You might think of Hodophilus as one of the most primitive gilled mushrooms (not entirely true, but they do trace more directly back to some of the oldest Agaricales species than most others do). They certainly do have an almost waxy look to them as though they were the prototype for other gilled mushrooms.

abundant common uncommon rare - colour codes match my Pictorial Key and are my opinions and probably reflect my bias of living in W WA. Rare species may be locally common in certain places at certain times.

Click here to download the FASTA data of all my DNA sequences


Hodophilus paupertinus CA (=Camarophyllopsis paupertina) - drab yellow-tan-grey decurrent somewhat waxy-looking mushroom smells strongly of mothballs. We have the CA type sequence and matching DNA from BC and WA.

Hodophilus 'phaeoxanthus PNW01' - this species found twice near Victoria, BC also has a strong mothball odor but darker yellow colouration like H. phaeoxanthus. It is >4% different in ITS from that EU species so likely needs its own name.

Hodophilus paupertinus and 'phaeoxanthus PNW01'  © A and O Ceska


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