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Danny’s DNA Discoveries – Neolectomycetes of the PNW
by Danny Miller


This class produces one known fruiting body in the PNW, a yellow, spathulate to irregular earth tongue with a yellow head and whitish stem. Spathularia is the closest lookalike, but that is more spathulate and the stems extend into the head.

abundant common uncommon rare - colour codes match my Pictorial Key and are my opinions and probably reflect my bias of living in W WA. Rare species may be locally common in certain places at certain times.



Neolecta vitellina EU - seems to have a white stem. Sequences from BC and probably OR match an EU epitype sequence fairly well. This species is also found in ENA, but ENA also has its own sister species, Neolecta irregularis NY, but that is not yet known from the west. We need a photographed sequenced collection.

Neolecta 'irregularis PNW01' - seems to have a yellow stem. It also is supposedly, wider, darker, with larger spores than N. vitellina. It was not known from the PNW until one WA sequence matched one of the two possible concepts of this species back east. It may or may not be the real thing. I await a type sequence.

unsequenced Neolecta © Leanne Stacy Reitan,     N. 'irregularis PNW01' © Danny Miller

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