The Cleaver

Great Scott Bowl

Stokes Bowl
Ghost Bowl
Sweet Little Annie
Black Hole
Sucker Chute
Mushroom Couloir
Ungo Alley
Wall St.

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Take the left side of Stokes Bowl all the way down, but don't go into Mushroom Couloir.  Stay skiers right, above the cliff band that you are being emptied out on top of.  If you keep the cliff band right on your left (or go one ledge higher right), you'll be emptied into Wall St. Bowl, whose right side is lined with another cliff band, above which is Ghost Bowl

The obvious way down seems to be to go to the right side of the bowl and exit, but that's a trap: a 45 degree chute, as narrow as your skis, with a tree trunk across the top to limbo underneath.  Much easier is to head fall line down the left side of the bowl, towards what looks like certain death over a large cliff bend, but Surprise!  There's a secret right turn onto an easy ramp that exits you safely into the bowls below. (If you make the right turn).




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