The Cleaver

Great Scott Bowl

Stokes Bowl
Ghost Bowl
Sweet Little Annie
Black Hole
Sucker Chute
Mushroom Couloir
Ungo Alley
Wall St.


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Stokes Bowl is the big, beautiful bowl just past Piss Pass.  Be careful, though.  Some of the most difficult major runs are below this bowl.  The very right side of the bowl drains into Stokes (fairly straightforward), but the middle drains to Little Annie, and the left side drains into Mushroom Couloir, two of the most difficult ways down.

The entire area from Little Annie to Mushroom Couloir is a giant cliff band, with only 1 easy way down (Wall St.) so be careful.  Going extreme left or right to avoid this area won't necessarily work either, because if you stay too far left, past Sucker Chute is also a large cliff band, past which is difficult skiing, and if you stay too far right, you might get trapped above Pincher.

No matter which way down you take, a pretty good traverse will take you back to the lifts.



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