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Great Scott Bowl

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Ghost Bowl
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Sucker Chute
Mushroom Couloir
Ungo Alley
Wall St.

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Way, way back in the late 60's (the same week Wall St. got its name), a patroller named this run after his sweetheart .  They're still together and skiing Alpental regularly.  The run *is* sweet... if you're into extremely difficult surgical skiing.  In the summer, this run is a waterfall cutting into a sheer cliff.  To get in, unless you're in a huge snow year, you have to sideslip and straight run a 47 degree entrance pitch, but stay in complete control because the walls of this chute are 30 feet high and narrow enough that you can almost touch both walls with your outstretched hands.  If you don't feel up to that, there's always another choice; launch off several drops on its left shelf, but avoid tumbling over the huge cliff band you're on top of.  Once you're in, you can admire the beauty of the notch you're inside, complete with icicles and trees growing right out of the walls.  

But don't get too comfortable... you still have to get out.  The exit pitch is 45 degrees, and over another drop, and only as wide as your skis, so it's probably easiest to straight run it.

Ghost Bowl drains into Little Annie, so the common route is to chicken out to the right, and ski Black Hole, a tight chute that would probably look scary any other time except when the alternative is Little Annie.  Further right, it gets even easier.

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