The Cleaver

Great Scott Bowl

Stokes Bowl
Ghost Bowl
Sweet Little Annie
Black Hole
Sucker Chute
Mushroom Couloir
Ungo Alley
Wall St.


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This run is skier's right of Wall St.  It's hard to find the right spot - you have to stay above the cliffs that line the right side of Wall St. Bowl, but left of Stokes.  If you don't come into it from the left, just above Wall St., you may have a tricky time getting into Ghost Bowl... the fall line above it, when it isn't a cliff band, is quite steep and narrow.

For an even more exciting ski, you can start skiing Stokes, and head left over several cliffs bands to enter Ghost Bowl from the right.  If you find the right spot, the cliffs are survivable on a good powder day, and it takes multiple hits all in a row to get down the "Staircase".

Ghost Bowl drains into Little Annie, so unless you want a real adventure to end your run, stay right and exit the bowl before it's too late.




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