The Cleaver

Great Scott Bowl

Stokes Bowl
Ghost Bowl
Sweet Little Annie
Black Hole
Sucker Chute
Mushroom Couloir
Ungo Alley
Wall St.

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A notoriously scary place to ski.  If you ski the left side of Stokes Bowl, the drainage will take you right off a 60' cliff... or so it looks.  There's actually a way down in there, in a chute that runs sideways to the cliff, but if you get here by accident, I recommend you  exit skiers left into Sucker Chute.

I would like to meet the first person to ski this.  To get to the chute, you must first traverse across the top of the 60' cliff on a 45 to 50 degree pitch, through at least one gully probably not wider than your skis.  By the time you get to it, you will welcome a chance to air into the chute, simply to avoid getting too close to the edge by staying on the ground.  Don't go anywhere near here if it's avalanching...

If you think that's extreme, try the line to the skier's right, Ungo Alley.  It's a series of cliff drops and tight 55+ degree pitches, so narrow that you have to straight run it out, and launch off the bottom cliff at about 60mph.  Once you decide you don't want to be there, it's far too late to turn back; you're quite stuck.  Yet it's a far easier run than Shot 4...


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