The adventurous way to Pineapple Pass is to take the Great Scott Traverse to Piss Pass, and then hike up 500' to Point 5456'.  You can then ski back down the way you came, with a few variations, including Corey's Couloir to the skier's right, but be warned that most fall lines lead off of big cliffs.  The lines that aren't cliffs get from 47 to 52 degrees steep in places.

Then there's 261.  Go left (but not too soon) for a few lines directly into Great Scott Bowl, but be warned that the fall line leads over a cliff.

Part of Warren Miller's 1998 ski film "FreeRiders" was shot here.  Skiers hiked above Piss Pass and jumped cliffs and skied lines in various directions off of Denny Ridge. 


The Cleaver



Great Scott Traverse

Great Scott Bowl

Piss Pass

Stokes Bowl

Draft Dodger Ridge

Melakwa Lake

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Or, if you're going all the way to Pineapple Pass, head back south along the ridge a bit until you see a chute you can jump into on the backside.   Your main choices are airing into that 47 degree chute, or skiing the even steeper face (up to 55 degrees depending on which you choose) before it.  Don't ski too far down, unless you want to end up at milepost 50 of I-90 Westbound (only it'll be 200' above your head).  Traverse almost immediately back north to Pineapple Pass, and welcome to the top of Great Scott Bowl (36 degrees, but if you hike up a few steps further to the true Pineapple Pass, it starts at 47 degrees).

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