The Cleaver

Great Scott Bowl

Stokes Bowl
Ghost Bowl
Sweet Little Annie
Black Hole
Sucker Chute
Mushroom Couloir
Ungo Alley
Wall St.

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Stokes, the run, is the easy way down from Stokes Bowl.  Head down the right side of the bowl, and head towards the low part of a notch where you reach the trees.  Follow the gully down and right, below a cliff band on your right, and you will be emptied out into a nice bowl above the floor of the valley.

For more excitement, you can start heading down Stokes, but head left and over multiple  cliff drops in a row into Ghost Bowl ("Staircase"), but only with good snow, and if you know exactly where you're going.

If you stay as far right as possible in Stokes Bowl, you end up directly under the Cleaver on a ridge.  Going off the ridge to the left takes you into Stokes, and to the right takes you to the near backcountry of Mach's Couloir and Heavenly Trees.  But be sure and make up your mind, because the fall line of the ridge squeezes you into Pincher, a very tight 55 degree face that eventually drops you off a cliff and into a beautiful chute.  You can see it after you ski Stokes, if you traverse right and look up.


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