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Danny’s DNA Discoveries – Lactarius

by Danny Miller


Piperites clade - Milk that turns quickly yellow


Lactarius scrobiculatus var canadensis

This very common conifer species is genetically different from the European type variety. It is yellow with a bearded cap margin and yellow scrobiculate stalk.

Lactarius scrobiculatus var canadensis © Steve Trudell


Lactarius resimus

This rare, mixed forest European species is whitish capped, with a bearded margin  and somewhat scrobiculate stalk. Lactarius alnicola is a related yellow capped mixed forest species, but its milk does not quickly turn yellow, so it will be described later. It may be somewhat bearded and somewhat scrobiculate. DNA has been found in BC so far. It, and its variety var regalis have been reported elsewhere around the PNW but we don't know if the variety has distinct DNA or not.

Lactarius resimus © Kit Scates Barnhart


L. xanthogalactus

This species described from mixed forests in California (especially Doug fir and oak) is probably in clade Russularia (it has no bearding nor scrobiculation) but has an orange cap and a white stalk. It also occurs in Oregon.

Lactarius xanthogalactus © Danny Miller


There are isolated, unconfirmed sequences of local DNA of related species so we probably don't know the whole picture yet.

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