This is Big Trees, one of the easiest runs in the Backcountry, and also one of the most scenic, since you have to come from Great Scott Bowl.  Just hang a right around Draft Dodger Ridge instead of following the fall line down to Source Lake after the flat area.   It gives you a good view of Unicorn (while you're still in the trees), and Hummocks and Sunshine (once you're out of them). You can ski down to the traverse back to the lifts at any point in the trees, or in the open bowl this picture was taken from, or you can traverse underneath Hummocks and the Sunshine cliff band and check them out, to join the traverse back to the lifts just past Sucker Chute underneath Mushroom Couloir.

Ironically, the biggest trees on the mountain are not here, but in Heavenly Trees (see the Near Backcountry pages), including one Douglas Fir that is almost 6 feet across at chest height, which is pretty good for a tree at 4000'.

That's Bryant Peak in the background (5801').

April 1999