Another challenging way off of Draft Dodger Ridge is the Hummocks.  The main drainage is a long chute all the way from the top, shown at the very left of this photo, which sustains a pitch in the 40's for a good 400' or so, with a narrow section even steeper.

If you ski Big Trees, you'll come into this photograph from the bottom right corner.

The bulk of this photo (the middle and the right side) shows the area underneath Unicorn (see pictures #10 and #11),which is mostly cliffs and steep 50+ degree hummocks (thus the name).  It's hard to get into this section of the mountain from the top, since it's mostly a long cliff band up there, but you can also come into it from the skier's right hand side by following the ridge between the Hummocks and Stokes Bowl.
April 1999