the chute shown at the right side of this picture (<45 degrees).  If you don't hook a left at the last minute, you can come straight down a shelf behind the trees in the centre of the photograph, on a 55 degree face, that has mellowed out to 45 degrees by the time you hit the trees.  The shelves on the left side of the photo are even steeper.  Further skier's right, just off the left edge of the picture, a 50 degree shelf drops into a 45 degree tight chute through a deep notch in the cliffs, if you can find it (see photo #15).
If you stay on the ridge skier's right of the Hummocks and skier's left of Stokes Bowl as long as you can, you'll be emptied out to the left through
April 1999

See photo at right

Skier: Scott Thompson