One of the more challenging ways to get down from Draft Dodger Ridge, is to follow the left side of the ridge (which has many places you can ski down into Great Scott Bowl), until you get here.  The ridge becomes sharply steeper at Unicorn, nicknamed "No Way In", which is mostly a cliff band from the Hummocks all the way across the fall line to Great Scott Bowl.
You can negotiate these cliffs by going around them to the left on a shelf, or skiing a tight 45 degree chute at the left end of the cliffs, or coming down a 54-58 degree face just right of the chute. (These last two choices are pictured here).  Further right is mostly cliffs, so air is your only option.

Once you get past these cliffs, you're on a shelf above another cliff band you have to negotiate before you're down to Big Trees.  The fall line curves left between 40 and 46 degrees into a chute that empties you out.  Every other way down is a cliff drop or a >50 degree steep face.  If you stay right, you can worm your way over to the lower part of the Hummox, through a succession of steep faces and cliffs.

April 1999