While reading about this mountain is a lot of fun, I can't recommend that you actually go to any of these places.  Traveling outside of a designated ski area can be dangerous.  Even with a map and photos, finding a particular place on the mountain is very difficult.  Since most of this mountain consists of cliffs, if you don't end up in the right spot, you could easily end up in a more dangerous place instead.  Even if you do find the place you're looking for, these areas are extremely challenging and dangerous to anyone without a high degree of skill who is already familiar with the area.  Every day the snow cover and snow conditions can be drastically different from the next, and a particular place may not resemble my description at all in different conditions.  The snow depth in the middle of winter can vary from year to year by as much as 22 feet.  This area is highly avalanche prone (just see some of the photos).  There are lions (no tigers) and bears, too.  Oh my!  Seriously, people have died here, and if you go, you could die too.

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