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Stinkhorns (Phallales)

Unfortunately rare because of their preference for dryer climates. Usually 10cm tall or so. Although found on the ground, it is not definitively known if they are mycorrhizal or not.

Phallus impudicus - yes, the Latin means what you think it does, head wider than stem. Large, up to 20cm tall.

P. hadriani - purplish volva.

Mutinus caninus - the head not wider than the stem.

What the egg looks like inside before one hatches.

You thought those two were rare, these three are extremely rare.

Dictyophora duplicata - like Phallus but with a bridal-like veil!

Lysurus cruciatus - the head is ribbed like a withered claw that had a Harry Potter spell performed on it.

L. periphragmoides - pinkish stem, top more of a lattice than a claw.

Clathrus ruber - a red lattice work. Not really club shaped, but what would you call it?

Pseudocolus fusiformis - orange tentacles fused at the tips.


There should be a specialized book on this group, I would buy it.

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